GloCell Oy was founded in 2004 as fiber and furnish consulting company for pulp and papermakers. The founders are Lauri and Juhani Lehtonen.  Behind the business idea of how to improve cost versus quality optimum thinking in the industry was Lauri's  research findings in university and Juhani's vision how to introduce the new way of thinking to the markets.

Since then,GloCell has become the best on the market providing solutions for quality, cost and raw material optimization. GloCellÂ’ Oy's SoftaCell™ optimization software is used on daily basis to optimize millions of tons of annual pulp, paper and board production. 

What we do

GloCell develops and sells tools that enable pulp, paper and board makers to optimize cost vs. quality.

GloCell core competences are fiber physics, mathematical modelling and broad understanding of pulp-and paper industry. We combine hands on knowledge with deep theoretical understanding of furnish.


Juhani Lehtonen (M.Sc. (Tech.))


Juhani is one of the owners of GloCell and also father of many ideas at the background. Juhani has education in pulping industry and he is in the middle of doing his doctoral studies at Helsinki University of Technology.

Juhani has worked in several pulp and paper mills in different positions all over Europe. His experience is also enriched with consulting at Mercuri international and with several sales and marketing management positions at Tellabs and Sphairon. Nowadays Juhani is working for GloCell as a chairman of the board.

Jarmo Kahala (M.Sc. (Tech.)) CEO


Jarmo joined GloCell team in August 2017 as CEO. He has Master of Science degree in pulp and paper technology from Helsinki University of Technology.

Jarmo has solid background on pulp and paper industry, data analysis and industrial software business. He has worked in several management and expert positions at technology company Savcor, data analysis software company KCL Development, research institute Keskuslaboratorio (KCL) and gas company AGA. He has a very long and deep experience in data analysis based process problem solving.

Markku Jouppila (M.Sc. (Tech.))


Markku was recruited into GloCell team in October 2008. His responsibilities are on data handling, model evaluation, software development, internal/customer projects and customer relations. He has graduated as Master of Science in paper technology from Aalto University and has made his master's thesis for UPM with special emphasis on furnish analysis.

Markku has a very good practical experience on paper and board making from various mills in Finland and also in Central Europe. Previously he has worked for UPM, Stora Enso and Metsä Board and his experience gives him a good eye for theory-practice interface.

Santeri Levanto (B.Sc. (Tech.))


Santeri joined GloCell team in March 2017 as a part-time employee. He is studying process engineering in Aalto University and is on his track to finish his studies in 2018. The beginning of his education consisted of pulp and paper related studies, and currently the main emphasis for him lies in the process modelling. During his years of studying he has been working in papermills around Finland.

Santeri is managing software updating for customers. Besides that, he operates as a helping hand for the rest of the team. He brings youth and energy into the team and is keen to improve himself as well as the whole team.