- growing business

Tissue is one of the fastest growing consumer business product gategories in pulp&paper business. When the GDP is rising in developing asian markets the demand for many tissue related applications are constantly increasing. The distibution in the markets is large from the bulk products to premium products. Finding the market positition suitable for your your production and targets is essential.

Quality wise there are two important issues in Tissue production

1) How to select the best possible fibers for your production

2) What is the effect of changes to the softness of your product

SoftaCell™ is the best and most accurate commercial platform to ensure that you have the correct selection of fibers in your hard and softwood fiber baskets and you have found the optimum mixes for your production grades . Quality is the sum of all the components and optimal processing.

For softness GloCell has build unique predictive model, which has proofen to follow the best available measurements and test panels used. By selecting SoftaCell™ you can ensure that your production is maximizing the potential of your fibers.