- How to ensure that your customer can fully exploit your pulps

Even though the overal demand for pulp has increased due to the strong Asian markets still it is important to keep the customers happy and their production efficiency as high as possible. When the customers faces constant pressures to keep their production economy in control, their primary interest is to negotiate the cost of pulp down. Many times this starts by announcing that the competititor sells their pulp cheaper. The only way to avoid entering into the mere price competition is to stand out with quality. 

Still it is not sure that your customers can maximize the potential of your fibers in production, they might refine it too much or they might combine it with wrong counterfibers. The only way to be sure is to be more involved and close to the customer.

SoftaCell™ is already used by many global technical pulp sales teams. The feedback from our customers selling pulps and also from their customers has been excellent.