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Paper, one of the oldest inventions you constantly come accross in your everyday life. In Finland more than a million people start their morning by extracting coffee through a filter made out of paper. Thousends of the people in our capital city Helsinki travel to a work with our metro system at the mornings and reads the fresh morning news pressed on a paper. When they reach their office desk we all know the pile of copypapers and memos which are waiting there.

As the story of paper is long we are at the first time in modern human history at the point where the comsumption of  traditional form of paper is decreasing. This new situation has lead into to re-arragements in the whole business. To survive you have to specialize.  After you have specialized the quality is your main attribute to keep up the distance to competitors.

And by quality you don't only mean the tear strenght or brighness of your paper, you mean the whole package. The copy paper must be good enough to hold the ink and not to be readable through, but it also have to run through your papermachine. 

You have to keep an eye to water retention, when the water retention is at optimum level, your strength properties might not anymore be and so on. Manufacturing paper is actually really close to statistical science it is build on multivariable field with  many interrelated factors and trends. To control all these correlations is a challenging task at once and errors are costly.

Our furnish optimization tool SoftaCell™ combines scientific fiber knowledge with the mathematical modells  to cope the complexity of papermaking into a pragmatic tool form which gives the user the ability to see and understand the countereffects at one glance