- How to maximize the quality of multilayer structure

Board is one of the rare growing markets in our business. The demand for different kinds of boards has been growing due to increased demand for packaging materials. The variety between board types is much larger than it is in traditional finepaper or news paper production. Also the complexity of the multilayer structure creates challenges to control and find the optimum components for the correct layers. When most often boards are sold to the end markets regarded by how much bending stiffness they can give and how much they weight. For he "quality first" customer the performance of the board per squaremeter is the most important parameter.

In SoftaCell™ you will find totally own department for quality enhancing of a board structure. The model can handle from single ply boards up to multilayer structures with ten fiber layers and five coating layers on top and bottom. The model is fully adabtable into to the end quality of a boardmachine. The board optimization tool enables the user fully maximize the potential of the raw materials and structural design.