Cost saving

  - is not ment to cost you millions

Fiber is the main component of any wood based products in pulp&paper industry. As a main component it is also the largest single cost factor in production even without the cost of fiber treatments. It is typical that 60% of the total cost of ready made paper comes from fiber components and refining energy needed to the fibers to be activated.

When the current market situation is creating more pricing pressures, most often everything else but the optimal use of raw materials has been under focus.  Single mills and whole companies are under serious pressures to close or sell capacity, due to the inefficiency to find optimum balances between costs and quality.

Our solution for finding the optimum is our furnish optimization tool SoftaCell™ in which the best available fiber knowledge  has been combined with the full capability to track production costs. This combination result into a unique, effective and easy to use solution to capitalize the highest saving potential in production and it does not cost you millions to invest on it.